Saturday, April 3, 2010


Em...long time didnt post, my lil blog~ XD...partly lazy, partly busy...ahaha. Drown myself in assignments and exam...and also comp games ^^. Anyways, dis few months was quite an enjoyable one...quite smooth sailing though...went for fishing trip during sem break, went a few outings, and a few activities back home...ah btw, wana say a lot of thanks to Grake n my housemates for preparing a lovely dinner for all of us during the darkest hour in our life...ahaha. Dun get me wrong abt the darkess hour, its the earth hour, when there is no lights in our house...imagine eat in candlelights, quite romantic...haha.

     Yesterday, went for a movie, how to train your dragon...

Wow, i would say, it was quite a good show, although it was a kids show... and the movie was also filled with superb sountracks.Would like to recommend one of the soundtrack from the movie... Love it so much!! very inspiring...And today, went for another movie, Clash of Titans...

The movie didnt went as well as I expected. Maybe because the trailer was soo good, I place high expectation from the movie. So I was dissappointed...The storyline was quite gud, but the bad guys die very, it wasnt that thrilling... And one more thing, there wasnt much action in the movie...most of it is already in its it means like by watching the trailer, we are already watching the whole action part in the movie. But overall, quite a good movie though...a movie worth to watch.