Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 in the morning

Its 5 in the morning....but still, can't sleep . So, here I am, reviving my 'dead' blog. How i wish i was in my nice, soft bed sleeping...zzzz. *Yawn* ...maybe should get back to bed....

~so wuliao~


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Em...long time didnt post, my lil blog~ XD...partly lazy, partly busy...ahaha. Drown myself in assignments and exam...and also comp games ^^. Anyways, dis few months was quite an enjoyable one...quite smooth sailing though...went for fishing trip during sem break, went a few outings, and a few activities back home...ah btw, wana say a lot of thanks to Grake n my housemates for preparing a lovely dinner for all of us during the darkest hour in our life...ahaha. Dun get me wrong abt the darkess hour, its the earth hour, when there is no lights in our house...imagine eat in candlelights, quite romantic...haha.

     Yesterday, went for a movie, how to train your dragon...

Wow, i would say, it was quite a good show, although it was a kids show... and the movie was also filled with superb sountracks.Would like to recommend one of the soundtrack from the movie... Love it so much!! very inspiring...And today, went for another movie, Clash of Titans...

The movie didnt went as well as I expected. Maybe because the trailer was soo good, I place high expectation from the movie. So I was dissappointed...The storyline was quite gud, but the bad guys die very, it wasnt that thrilling... And one more thing, there wasnt much action in the movie...most of it is already in its it means like by watching the trailer, we are already watching the whole action part in the movie. But overall, quite a good movie though...a movie worth to watch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


   Do you have something which u really like or love?? I mean THAT kind of like...the 'like' to the extent that u would die just to have it...Many people, especially guys, would die if they do not have a game of Dota in a day...sound weird huh...this is what you call passion for the game. Even for some adults, they love to watch anime or cartoon...You cant blame them or call them childish for what they like to do...This is because of their passion for animes.

   As for me, I just simply love basketball...when u do something out of passion, u tend to do ur best for it, go all out for it and enjoy it no matter how difficult it is...The same goes to me...many sweat and blood have been put into this game...Although I get many injuries due to this game, even to the extent of unable to walk, but I still enjoy it and love the game so much...It like one day in hell if I didnt get to play basketball...

   Some people may think, what is this game man?? everyone is chasing to grab one stupid ball and to put that ball into one stupid, small, little hoop. This is because they do not understand the fun and the thrill in that game. For those who understand, they would feel that the game is everything... the place where u have fun, release stress, joke around and make some new friends..Nevertheless, there are also times where seriousness comes in...and when that time comes, everyone will go all out, giving out their best,  showing their best skills and what they are capable of. And that is something that I love most about basketball, competing with each other skills and also learning their skills at the same time....So, this is my passion for basketball, how about yours?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The last few days of my Holidayss...

Went to Kukup for a short trip...3 days 2 nights...we stay at Dajie's house...very nice and big house...Her mum and dad also very warm hearted...make me feel like I am at home...Thank You Dajie!! hehe...Anyway, went to her dad fish farm, eat delicious and fresh seafood, eat 'ji pigu' and oso 'sia ping' and also fishing. All of them are delicious...Love their Wan Tan Mee too!!! yum!! yum!! ^^ Next time wana go back there again to eat..and also to fish...haha

~Dajie House~


On Saturday, we went to watch scary ler...@.@ watch till midnight summore...everyone close their eyes lo...all se abit abit onli...haha...

~ju-on~ scaryyyy...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sluggish line

Wait my Fb to load till I die ah...sooo dulian!!!! Arrghhhhhh!!! >.<

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Fresh Start

First of all...

A very Happy 2010 to everyone...hope it will be a good and prosperous year for each one of us~

On the 31st~ hmm...went out with some old friends...we went swimming early in the morning, went DP for a movie and lastly but not least, went to visit the Famosa and the hill...we have quite a fun we laugh at each other so-called knowleadge of the history of the place...Looks like we are the not so pure 'Malaccans' eh..keke..gotta say tat we have actually return most of our history knowleadge to our sec teacher...sorry ya sir...haha..Anyways, here are soome pics of the outings...

Have quite a fun time together...^^ Then, at night, went to Jonler Walk to countdown...The palce was...really, seriously Packed with people. We hardly can move abit...and it was stuffy and hot..haiz. The clubs and bars are full with people...even the Mamak are oso full..T.T no place for us to eat...So, after the countdown and the fireworks, we ended up in a cyber cafe...=.=" and had my 1st 2010 game...haha..Tats typically wad i did on the last day of 2009...Had quite a fun day though..thanks guys!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


(dis year christmas in cyber...T.T)