Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Fresh Start

First of all...

A very Happy 2010 to everyone...hope it will be a good and prosperous year for each one of us~

On the 31st~ hmm...went out with some old friends...we went swimming early in the morning, went DP for a movie and lastly but not least, went to visit the Famosa and the hill...we have quite a fun we laugh at each other so-called knowleadge of the history of the place...Looks like we are the not so pure 'Malaccans' eh..keke..gotta say tat we have actually return most of our history knowleadge to our sec teacher...sorry ya sir...haha..Anyways, here are soome pics of the outings...

Have quite a fun time together...^^ Then, at night, went to Jonler Walk to countdown...The palce was...really, seriously Packed with people. We hardly can move abit...and it was stuffy and hot..haiz. The clubs and bars are full with people...even the Mamak are oso full..T.T no place for us to eat...So, after the countdown and the fireworks, we ended up in a cyber cafe...=.=" and had my 1st 2010 game...haha..Tats typically wad i did on the last day of 2009...Had quite a fun day though..thanks guys!!