Saturday, July 18, 2009

A trip to Sunway!!! Whieehoo..^^

Another normal day at school, except we plan to go Sunway Pyramid in the afternoon, after our 4oclock class, we quickly rush back to clean ourselves up...At 4, Qin Sheng, Kae Tzong, Huan Yeong and I when to the bus stop...after catching the bus to Putrajaya Sentral, we took the bus to Kajang...which is actually further down from Sunway Pyramid...Haiz, waste of the time we reach Kajang bus stand, it was nearly 6...due to insufficient time and lack of patience to wait for the next bus, we quickly took a taxi to Sunway...16 bucks, okla...not so bad though :)..once we reach there, I quickly went to buy my new bag...actually i saw the bag a long time it but didnt buy it the last time. So this time, I really got to buy it...earlier, the bag cost dis time, it only costs 59.90...not only that, it also have a 10% it costs 54 it soooo much...hehe..den v went and play snooker...haiz...4 noobies... waa...its me....sooo yeng...haha the pro among the noobies...Huan Yeong
Dont be fool by the pics...we may have the looks...but no isi....haha....shoot red ball, enter the white...haha. I even once have the white ball flew over the red ball and went into the hole...zzzz..haiz. maybe need some training. Qin Sheng even miss hitting the white ball...HAHAHA. So, next time anyone wana pawn some noobies..its the 4 of us...haha. We played till 10..then took a taxi back to cyberia..huh, what a tiring day!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Another normal Day~

Another normal day...woke up at 9 to attend class...Actuali I kinda lazy to wake up, because we have 5 hours straight of classes...omg. We started the 5 hours rally of classes at 11, and the first class was Field Theory. When we entered the class, the whole lecture room was dark and cold..hehe..and those condition is utmost suitable for...'sleeping!!!' Once we sit down...our eyelids begin to close slowly. Erghh!! hard to keep my eyes open...As a results, everyone feel asleep...except Alex and Huan Yeong... Wow...lovely sleeping face^^Fall assleep in class
We end our rally at 5 tired. Furthermore, we have to study for our exam next week later..and later we are also going to Seri Kembangan for dinner...ohhh! so tired..hw am I going to study tonight??! :<

Sunday, July 12, 2009

~1 weekend of FUN~

Yesterday, Kuhan, Inn Kiat and Jason came to cyber. They stayed overnight at Jeremy's place. After unpacking stuff, we went to Damansara the curve for lunch...there are 7 of us, and we only had 1 car...omg, imagine how pack...~.~ lucky Inn Kiat sit in front. If liao lo us. After a torturing about-an-hour ride, we finally reached our destination. At first v had a hard time deciding what to eat..den Alex suggested TGI Friday's and the Italiannies...due to some reasons, we chose the Italiannies. Huh, we tought it's price was something like Sibaraku or worst Sushi King...after sitting down and was served with appetitizer, we took a look at the menu book...OMG!!! the cheapest food is above 20 bucks...(that's only 1 type of food...the rests is about 30 bucks) isk isk money...$$$$..we wanted to escape, but we've already serve with appetitizer..what to do, cant escape. The most expensive is a wine which costs RM210..omg, what kind of wine is that??!!

My food...Grilled Chicken Milanese..very yummy

Kuhan posing with his food...

Jason posing...
the menu book

The total of our bill is 226+..omg..I going to pokai liao lo...isk isk. After a heart-ache but satisfying lunch, we went to Ikea, since Kuhan said he wanted to buy a was my first time going to Ikea, cool furniture design!! very interesting. Hehe, I hope my house designing will be as good as those in Ikea...After shopping, we sent Alex back home and returned to cyberia. Then we played card games and computer games...we even went for a basketball game..^^ At about midnight we went for supper..oh and did i mention...i went for a hair cut..and it looks really nice. Like it very much XD.. After filling our stomach, they decided to play a type of card game..where the loser will have to let other people put colgate on their face and body..And the result of the game, Jason, Huan Yeong, and Inn Kiat 'kena' the most...HAHA!!! (lucky I went back dy) :)...Today, we went to Seri Kembangan Jusco for Lunch. Initially, we went there for the 3oclock MCD stuff, but when we got there we realized there was no MCD is Jusco...SWT...and the time was about we cancel our plan of having MCD for lunch and had KFC instead. Haiz...Then, we went to the amusent park to play games...To our surprise...Inn Kiat is a pro in the dancing game!!! wow!!! that is a hard game..even all of us had a hard time finding the correct arrow to step on..I also played time crisis 3 with Huan Yeong..imagine, with only first two token, I played till the last last last boss..oh uh, my hand is very pain at that time...cant even hold the gun properly...At about 6, we went back because they had to pack up...we had our lunch at 9 and then, we said goodbye to them...haiz..wish them will come visit use someday again...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fresh!!! first post on my blog. actually opende this blog a long time ago.. but didnt write anything. zzzz...I was kinda bored...when i remembered I had this blog. So, I decided to post my first post here. So, this is the beginning of a very, very long journey...