Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Another normal Day~

Another normal day...woke up at 9 to attend class...Actuali I kinda lazy to wake up, because we have 5 hours straight of classes...omg. We started the 5 hours rally of classes at 11, and the first class was Field Theory. When we entered the class, the whole lecture room was dark and cold..hehe..and those condition is utmost suitable for...'sleeping!!!' Once we sit down...our eyelids begin to close slowly. Erghh!! hard to keep my eyes open...As a results, everyone feel asleep...except Alex and Huan Yeong... Wow...lovely sleeping face^^Fall assleep in class
We end our rally at 5 tired. Furthermore, we have to study for our exam next week later..and later we are also going to Seri Kembangan for dinner...ohhh! so tired..hw am I going to study tonight??! :<