Saturday, October 24, 2009


A simple tag where you have to list down your top 10 favourite songs in your playlists, also the most played songs in your library. Readers can try to download the songs and see why its so addictive too! Please, only super nice songs only okay!
Instructions :
1) On your windows media player or whatsoever music player.
2)Search for your top 10 songs.
3)List them down one by one.
4)Tell us why you can't live without that song.

1)James Hannigan - Soviet March. Okay okay. You may think I am crazy. This is a song from the game Red Alert 3. Hear it once and you will feel powered up... This is my most favourite soundtrack. It gives me d spirit and the power...

2)Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. most loved songs, especially when emo-ing. ' I walked a lonely road'...listen to the nice sad it soo much...besides, Green Day is my favourite band also..^^

3)Fort Minor - Where'd You Go. This song reminds me of someone...someone who made me feels that I am still needed and cared...everytime I listen to this song, I will always remember of her...'where you go? I miss u sooo' T.T...------- dis song is for u~ dis is 1 song i cannot live with...

4) Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me. First time listen to it...Instantly got obsessed with it...Really like the element of despair in u cant get ur loved ones although he or she is near you...really meaningfull lyrics.

5)Linkin Park - New Divide. From the movie Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen...For me, its a brilliant song. Good combination of the lyrics and beats...And nice MV too!! its effects... What can I say...Good Job Linkin Park!!

6)Super Junior - Sorry Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry sorry...neka neka neka neka...a fully boy band song, full of good looking guys...Nice korean song with superb dancing MV...I love dancing to it too..Haha.. I listen to it evrytime when I am in a good mood...oh, I wana attend their concert!!

7) SMAP - Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana. This is my all time favourite Japanese songs...there is a chinese version to dis song. This is the only japanese song which i can sing it whole...Memorise it b4 goin to japan a long time ago...student exchange programme...ohh still remember the japanese that came to my school and performing this song to us...sooo nice!!

8)I One Republic - Say (All I Need). Like the way the song goes...quite powerfull...high pitched...really it.

9)Green Day - American Idiot. Their 1st song which made them the beat of this song, it makes you go crazy man! Have you see d live concert of this song? It a must see!!! c the crowd !! woohhh...Green Day, come to Malaysia!! I sure attend ur concert no matter how much the ticket costs.

10) Wang Lee Hom - 心跳 This is a nice love song! He really have a sweet voice...extremely talented...I went once for his concert...a gud looking guy...Anyway, I like the way dis song goes...nice!!!

I tag -
2)Wen Wen
6)Yew Meng
7)Alex Lim
10)Anyone who read this post lol. ANYONE! ;D

End of Holidays..T.T

Time flies so fast...2 weeks just past like a blink of an week is the starting of a new sem. Haiz, feel like still wana have another week of holiday..isk isk.. Anyway, these two weeks of holidays is filled with house chores and of course...Fun. Went to Genting and Penang for holidays...nice trip ^^. Will post on the trips later...hehe...Tomorrow will be heading back to cyberjaya. Back to the dead place >.< Two of my housemates will not be in the same course anymore, which means I will have trouble in my transport and also in my assignments...haiz. What a stormy days ahead...hope I can handle it...

So, everyone will be back to school on monday. All d best to everyone for this 2nd sem and gud luck!!