Saturday, October 24, 2009

End of Holidays..T.T

Time flies so fast...2 weeks just past like a blink of an week is the starting of a new sem. Haiz, feel like still wana have another week of holiday..isk isk.. Anyway, these two weeks of holidays is filled with house chores and of course...Fun. Went to Genting and Penang for holidays...nice trip ^^. Will post on the trips later...hehe...Tomorrow will be heading back to cyberjaya. Back to the dead place >.< Two of my housemates will not be in the same course anymore, which means I will have trouble in my transport and also in my assignments...haiz. What a stormy days ahead...hope I can handle it...

So, everyone will be back to school on monday. All d best to everyone for this 2nd sem and gud luck!!