Friday, October 2, 2009

My ALL-TIME favourite!!!

As you all can see...u already noe wat i wana talk about...most of u noe tat i actuali really crazy about the intro sountrack of this game...the "Soviet March"...My blog, Friendster, even my msn
have at least have the soundtrack in dem...I even like the soviet pic vry much!! ^^...some people think that i may be crazy..or some kind of soviet what?? actuali i jz like the way of the soviets fight in this game...and also the nice, powerful song!! I find Soviet March very powerfull though...okay okay, back to the main topic, introducing a not-so-new game...RED ALERT 3...a real-time strategy game..where you get to build a base and units, and then plan a way to conquer your foes yea...^^ there are 3 factions in this game...the Allied, Soviets, and the Empire of The Rising Sun...aka Japan...although its graphics wasnt as good as tiberium wars, but to me, its battle sequence n graphics is cool..haha..For those who interested in real time strategy game, I strongly recommend this game...